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Travelling with Back Pain ✈

International travel is back, and generally with a trip abroad comes a long plane flight! The thought of this can send shivers through those who suffer from chronic lower back pain. But never fear, we have 4 tips to help you manage your pain so that you can go on long awaited holiday! Treatment 🆘First of… Continue Reading»

Warm Up

Injury Prevention

Wanting to get into a new sport this year?Currently in preseason?Want to play with confidence and control?Are you continuously getting injured or carrying niggles and not sure why? First of all, lets cover how we get injured – How do we go from playing outside pain free to be hobbling around? When we strain a muscle,… Continue Reading»

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Combatting Stress

Stress can cause both a physical and/or mental responses, and is a normal reaction that many people experience when change or challenges occur in their lives. The past two years have been incredibly stressful for many of us, and it’s important to look after ourselves. There are times that stress can be a positive thing such… Continue Reading»

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5 Tips for Returning to Exercise

With restrictions easing, gym doors reopening and sport returning, it’s important to take it easy when participating in physical activity!  Although you may have kept active with long strolls or an early morning run, an interruption to your normal routine means that you won’t be at the level of fitness or strength you were at… Continue Reading»


Workstation Posture

Last week we covered workstation sectioning, this week let’s look at your posture while using it! How we sit or stand at our desk, and the manner in which we use our keyboard and mouse, all play a part in the reduction of potential injury. Poor sitting or standing can cause pain in the back and/or… Continue Reading»


Workstation Sectioning

When we think about workplace health and safety, we generally think about manual labour jobs such as construction. However, workplace health and safety is just as important in an office setting! There are many different factors which contribute to a safe office. The chair, how we sit in it, the keyboard and mouse all get… Continue Reading»