5 Tips for Returning to Exercise

With restrictions easing, gym doors reopening and sport returning, it’s important to take it easy when participating in physical activity! 

Although you may have kept active with long strolls or an early morning run, an interruption to your normal routine means that you won’t be at the level of fitness or strength you were at when you had to hit pause! If you were to go back to your ‘pre lockdown’ weights, workout intensities, and training loads you could be looking at potential injury. So here are 5 key tips for returning to exercise!

Warm up!! 🏃‍♂️
If there’s one tip you listen to, let it be this one! Warming up helps to increase your muscle flexibility and efficiency. It also helps to reduce stress on the heart, and significantly reduces your risk of injury.

Drop the weight ⚖
A general guide is to start at 50% of your pre-lockdown weight. You want to make sure you are focusing on your form after not lifting for a while. From this point, you can aim to increase by 10-15% per week back to your ideal weight. If you’re planning on getting back into plyometric training, be extra careful and it places extra load on the tendons, which won’t be entirely up to it, after time off. 

Reduce your reps 🏋️‍♂️
You don’t want to be going to fatigue in the beginning! Like above, you want to be focusing on your form and therefore need to reduce fatigue! Each week you can increase the number of reps, however don’t go more than an extra 10% to fatigue.

Give yourself a break 😅
Make sure you give yourself at least 48hrs off between sessions for the first 2-3 weeks. This will allow your muscles and tendons adapt back to the loads. Make sure you get enough sleep and fuel your body properly too!

Don’t ignore the niggle! 😣
If you feel something isn’t quite right, it’s important to get it looked at ASAP! Small niggles can develop into long lasting chronic injuries if they are not treated.

The team at Ormond Physio is here to help you every step of the way on your return to exercise journey! From training programs and load recommendations, to injury prevention strategies and injury assessment.  Make sure you book your appointment with one of our skilled therapists today!

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