About Chronic Pain

Pain can is classified as either acute or chronic in nature. Acute pain is usually severe and short-lived and is often a signal that your body has sustained an injury. Chronic pain, however, is pain that may be mild to severe that has lasted longer than three months. 

Many people are new to the notion of chronic pain because we are taught that pain goes away when once your injury or illness heals. However, for 1 in 5 Australian’s, this is not the case. Sometimes, doctors can’t pinpoint the cause of the pain, and it can be frustrating not to have a diagnosis. Chronic pain is complex because it involves the nerves and nervous systems, including the central nervous system.

Chronic pain occurs due to changes to the nerves or nervous system, which keeps the nerves firing and signalling pain. However, there are likely other precipitating factors with chronic pain, including genetics, gender, and previous acute pain episodes.


The initial evaluation of a patient’s pain forms the foundation for a treatment plan. Therefore, it must be as thorough as possible. An examination of your muscles and joints is essential to determine secondary pain since chronic pain varies from person to person; this makes the individual assessment vital.


Stretching and exercising can improve physical function for many people and may help to reduce chronic pain. Your therapist will explain to you your best treatment options and combinations. Your treatment plan may include;

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