Workstation Posture

Last week we covered workstation sectioning, this week let’s look at your posture while using it! How we sit or stand at our desk, and the manner in which we use our keyboard and mouse, all play a part in the reduction of potential injury. Poor sitting or standing can cause pain in the back and/or… Continue Reading»


Workstation Sectioning

When we think about workplace health and safety, we generally think about manual labour jobs such as construction. However, workplace health and safety is just as important in an office setting! There are many different factors which contribute to a safe office. The chair, how we sit in it, the keyboard and mouse all get… Continue Reading»


Workplace Health & Safety Month

October is Workplace Health & Safety Month. Workplace health and safety isn’t something to be pushed to the side, with many people affected by work related injury or illness. Safe Work Australia reported that data from 2020 indicated 180 people died while doing their job – that’s 180 too many, and many more family members and friends… Continue Reading»


Migraines – What a Pain!

It’s Headache and Migraine Awareness Week. Last week we covered the cervicogenic headache. This week lets delve into the migraine! As previously mentioned, migraines are less common than headaches, with an estimated 15% of the population suffering. Migraines can be very painful, but what sets them apart from a headache? Well, a migraine is a headache with additional… Continue Reading»


Headache Awareness Week

September 22nd – 24th is Migraine and Headache Awareness week. Headaches are unfortunately a part of life, with 9 out of 10 people experiencing them. Migraines, however, are a little less common affecting an estimated 5 million Australians.  Although there are many different kinds of headaches, today we will focus on the cervicogenic headache. What is a cervicogenic… Continue Reading»

World Physiotherapy Day

World Physiotherapy Day

On September 8th, we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day! Physiotherapists are a special kind of person; they listen, help, nurture, and encourage. They always have our best interests at the forefront of their mind and want us to get back to moving as best we can! But, do you know what they are and what they… Continue Reading»

Correct Standing Posture

Standing Posture

Posture is a complex concept. It is defined as the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. Posture can be influenced by a number of factors. Physically, the variations of posture within people can be explained by a combination of muscular weakness, tightness and body shape. The complexity of posture can… Continue Reading»


The Functional Squat

The squat is a full body movement that incorporates lowering the body towards the ground; bending the hips, knees and ankles in a controlled manner, whilst maintaining a straight back. The squat is a very functional movement, when used effectively we can utilise it in both everyday life and sport to produce powerful and strong… Continue Reading»

Workplace Posture

Sitting Posture

We are sitting now more than ever! Today’s sedentary lifestyle makes the discussion of sitting posture imperative.  The body is built to move. However, if we have to remain still for periods, there are ways that you can try to limit the detriment on the body. When sitting, the following enables an ideal sitting posture;… Continue Reading»

Teenage Posture

Teenage Posture

Teenagers are generally serial offenders when it comes to poor posture!  “Sit up straight!” is a phrase most teenagers hear on the daily.  Body awareness, self esteem, obesity, increased device usage and heavy backpacks can all lead to poor posture. In addition to standing poorly, a large proportion of adolescents sit with poor posture. Sitting with poor posture… Continue Reading»