Meniscus Tear 😨

Does your knee sometimes click, pop or lock like it’s trying to do Hannah Montana’s Hoedown Throwdown?

Although we wish we could say carry on putting your hawk in the sky and moving side to side. It is probably best you don’t jump to the left, stick it or glide – as you could have an injured meniscus!

Now, let’s throw it all together, that’s how we roll!

What is your meniscus?
Your meniscus is the cartilage in your knee joint. You have two, one medial and one lateral meniscus. They separate your thigh bone from your shin bone. The structures are wedged and look similar to the shape of a kidney. Your meniscus act as stabilisers and shock absorbers of your knee, as well as help prevent damage to the bone surfaces within your knee joint.

What is a meniscal tear?
Exactly what is says! A tear in your meniscus. A quick change in direction, a fall on a slightly bent knee or a fast twisting motion can all cause your meniscus to tear to some degree. The severity of your tear can be identified through imaging.

What are the symptoms?
Clicking, popping and or locking of your knee are the most common symptoms of a meniscal tear. Pain is usually located along the knee joint line and joint swelling can also be present. Pain is usually worst when changing direction, twisting or getting in to a low squat position. 

How can I help the pain?
Come for an assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy! At Ormond Physiotherapy our skilled therapists have multiple clinical tests to check if your meniscus has been injured. We can then provide you with the appropriate treatment and kick-start your rehabilitation right here at Ormond Physiotherapy.

Come in and have your knee, or knees, assessed at Ormond Physiotherapy today. Our experienced therapists will have you back to shaking it out, head to toe in no time!

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