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Achilles Tendinopathy

Anatomy The Achilles tendon is a combined tendon of the soleus and gastrocnemius, which with activity can cause localised pain on the back of your heel (insertional tendinopathy) or 2-6cm above the heel insertion (mid portion tendinopathy). Symptoms ·         Morning pain and stiffness ·         Pain and or thickening localised to the Achilles region ·         Reduced… Continue Reading»


Meniscus Tear 😨

Does your knee sometimes click, pop or lock like it’s trying to do Hannah Montana’s Hoedown Throwdown? Although we wish we could say carry on putting your hawk in the sky and moving side to side. It is probably best you don’t jump to the left, stick it or glide – as you could have an injured meniscus!… Continue Reading»

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Tradies Health Month

Tradies look after their tools, but are they good at looking after their most valuable one – their body? The trade industry represents roughly 1/3 of the Australian workforce, yet accounts for almost 60% of the serious claims for workers compensation. With the average time taken off sitting at 5 weeks, it’s a huge cost to our… Continue Reading»


Poor Posture 👎

Find yourself suffering from neck or back pain, even headaches? It could be stemming from your posture! Postural alignment is the position of all your joints and limbs at any given moment. If this is out of whack, it can lead to pain and/or injury. Common physical signs of poor posture include: Rounded shoulders Protruding chin Excessive… Continue Reading»


Benefits of a Winter Massage!

Throughout these colder months you may notice that your joints become achier, muscles become tighter and you may experience more arthritis flare ups. The cold weather causes the muscles to contract when we lose heat. If muscles begin to cool too much this can result in shivering to produce extra heat. Over time shivering can cause the… Continue Reading»


Winter Aches and Pains

With winter comes increased aches and pains, why? Keep reading and you’ll find out. Here at Ormond Physiotherapy, many of our clients have come in over the past few weeks complaining of lower back pain or stiff and sore joints. For a majority of these patients they have felt pain that they have never felt before, but… Continue Reading»


Concussion Management

This AFL season is no different to those that have come before, concussion is still a serious injury which can occur. Although there are now new protocols to protect players health, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of concussion to avoid further issues. What is Concussion?Concussion is an acute brain injury that occurs… Continue Reading»


Adductor Related Groin Pain

Last week we touched on a form of groin pain, Osteitis Pubis, which is often associated with AFL. This week  we will discuss one of the more common soccer related injuries which is also associated with groin pain – adductor tendinopathy. What is it?The adductors are a group of muscles located in the medial or ‘inner’ thigh.… Continue Reading»

Groin Pain

Osteitis Pubis aka Groin Pain

Footy season is well and truly underway. Common AFL injuries include hamstring strains, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, groin strains, ankle sprains…. the list is endless! One injury that can rear its ugly head in AFL is groin pain, more specifically Osteitis Pubis. Although it isn’t very common these days, a well known recent case is that of… Continue Reading»

Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain (CLBP) is defined as pain in the lower back which has persisted for at least 3 months. CLBP is typically constant but the level of pain can vary from an annoyance to a severe debilitating pain. Back pain tends to be consuming as most movement and daily activity require the use of the lower… Continue Reading»