Winter Aches and Pains

With winter comes increased aches and pains, why? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Here at Ormond Physiotherapy, many of our clients have come in over the past few weeks complaining of lower back pain or stiff and sore joints. For a majority of these patients they have felt pain that they have never felt before, but for some it is a reoccurring things each year when the days are shorter and when the temperature drops.

Ensuring that you get on top of the pain when it arises makes sure you dodge long term pain, keeps you’re fighting fit and you don’t get held back from the things you love doing!

Here are the top three reasons behind why winter causes your annoying aches and pains.

Less likely to exercise! Over the winter months people are a lot less likely to exercise, people tend to not go for walks during winter as the weather isn’t as enjoyable and the days are shorter. Not walking and getting in your physical activity means you aren’t allowing your body to move, meaning it is more likely to be stuck in the same position it has been in all day.

With less exercise comes weight gain, as activity levels drop off, many peoples calorie intake often increases. Over the winter months many people actually put in an extra 3-5kgs. Putting on weight puts added pressure on the body’s muscles and joints, leading to your achy feeling.

And lastly, people spend way more time sitting down! Sitting for too long will increase the load on the lower back, this happens primarily because sitting tightens the hip flexors and gluteal muscles which as a result puts more pressure on the lower back.
So there you have it! If you want to dodge the winter pain, move more, watch what you eat and sit less!

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to winter pain, make sure you book an appointment with your therapist and get back on the path to your happy, pain free self!

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