Adductor Related Groin Pain

Last week we touched on a form of groin pain, Osteitis Pubis, which is often associated with AFL. This week  we will discuss one of the more common soccer related injuries which is also associated with groin pain – adductor tendinopathy.

What is it?
The adductors are a group of muscles located in the medial or ‘inner’ thigh. Due to an acute episode or chronic overload these muscles can attribute to groin pain when running, changing direction or when kicking a ball.

Risk factors

  • Previous injury
  • Inappropriate loading
  • Weak adductors
  • Altered core mechanics

How do you fix it?
Groin injuries can be complex to diagnose due to the interrelated anatomy within the pelvis, lower limb and lumbar spine. To ensure your injury is correctly diagnosed come and see your experienced Ormond Physiotherapist. Once the source of your pain and injury has been identified a tailored rehabilitation program will be prescribed.

Exercise therapy is the most important form of treatment for adductor related groin pain, to ensure appropriate recovery and future prevention of this injury.

If you have groin pain, make sure you book an appointment today so that one of our qualified therapists at Ormond Physiotherapy can help you back onto the pitch!

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