Flip not Flop!

The weather is warming and we know your toes just want to break free, ours sure do! But, did you know your average summer shoe doesn’t have the support your feet truly deserve.

Reach for the wrong summer shoes and your feet may be looking like this! 

Generally speaking, it is difficult to add support to summer shoes especially sandals and thongs, both of which tend to offer low to zero in the support department. But never fear, there are a lot of great summer footwear options! 

However, before you go jumping in to your favourite summer thongs, here are our top 4 tips for choosing the best footwear:

  • Buy the right size! No one likes squished or over handing toes. 🙈
  • Have some arch support – this will help support the fascia that runs on the sole of your foot and may reduce your risk of plantar fasciitis. 👍
  • The shoe bends at the ball of the foot and not in the middle – this helps to encourage correct biomechanics. 👣
  • Replace them as they wear down – wear and tear can disrupt the integrity of the support provided. 👌

Incorrect footwear can lead to a number of different injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain and even back pain if your joint alignment is out of whack! 

The team at Ormond Physio is here to help with your summer shoe dilemma! Not only can we help you if you’ve worn incorrect footwear and now have a niggle or pain, but we also stock the Archies Arch Support thong range so you can try avoid those nasties all together.

The Archies range is a supportive thong range which will support your foot in all the right places. Sporting a number of awesome features, you won’t look back. Our feet keep us upright and allow us to walk, so the least we can do is support them in the best possible way!

So don’t wait any longer, if you’re ready to bust out your summer footwear make sure it’s supporting you properly! If you have foot, knee or hip pain book an appointment today with one of our therapists, and you’ll be back to taking long strolls on the beach in no time!

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