Sciatica, a Pain in the Bottom!

The Sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body. Sciatica is a specific nerve pain that only originates from the sciatic nerve. Pain, which is typically felt as a burning sensation or a shooting pain, originates in the lower back and radiates into the buttocks and down the leg. What are the Symptoms of… Continue Reading»


Resistance Training!

We all know that exercise has multiple health benefits, not only physically but can have a great effect on other avenues within our lives such as mentally, socially and emotionally. There are also many different kinds of exercise, however today we will focus on resistance training. What is it?Resistance training is any exercise where a… Continue Reading»

Trigger Point

Trigger Points

A trigger point is a hyperirritable point that can be felt like a “knot” in the skeletal muscles. When pressed on, trigger points can invoke a range of reactions, including a jump response, local tenderness, local twitch or referred pain. Trigger points can be caused by: Aging Injury Stress/ chronic stress Lack of exercise Poor… Continue Reading»

My Post (96)

Mother’s Day

Life doesn’t come with a manual – it comes with a Mum! Mums are our encyclopedia’s, for not just in our younger years, but also our older ones. Even when we are all grown up and have moved out, it is still always good to check in with Mum to see how long chicken can… Continue Reading»

Good Bad Shoulder

Shrugging Off Your Neck Pain

Neck disorders are common, painful and disabling. Out of all 291 conditions studied in the Global Burden of Disease Study, neck pain ranked 4th highest in terms of disability as measured by years lived with disability. A common oversight when treating persistent neck pain is the shoulder blade (scapular). High quality literature has found specific… Continue Reading»

Hotteeze Pack

On the Go Heat!

Now that we are heading into the colder months, muscle aches and pain flare-ups can become more prevalent and any pre-existing injuries or muscle pain may need constant heat to help soothe and heal. But what do you do about mobile heat relief? Most of us can’t have a microwavable heat pack with us all… Continue Reading»

Foam Roller

Benefits of Foam Rolling

You have probably seen or heard about foam rollers at some point in time, but what is their purpose?If you don’t know what a foam roller is, it is a self-massaging tool that comes in all shapes and sizes but is typically a foam cylinder.  The main benefit of a foam roller, it to release… Continue Reading»

Groin Pain

Osteitis Pubis (Groin Pain)

As the footy season gets underway here at Ormond Physiotherapy we get ready for the influx of footy injuries that accompany it. Common AFL injuries include hamstring strains, shoulder injuries, knee ligament and menisci injuries, groin strains, ankle sprains…. the list is endless. One injury that is becoming increasingly common in AFL and presenting to… Continue Reading»


It’s Time to Stretch!

You would have been told once or twice that you need to stretch, but do you know why? We all need to stretch to protect our mobility and independence. Stretching keeps the muscles strong, healthy and flexible, which we all need to maintain a strong range of motion. If we don’t stretch enough, the muscles… Continue Reading»


Remedial Massage

One question we get asked a lot is “What exactly is Remedial Massage?”. Remedial massage is a combination of soft and deep tissue release that is used for a range of different conditions and muscular issues. At Ormond Physiotherapy we believe that it can be very beneficial in the rehabilitation of an acute injury, as well… Continue Reading»