Surf’s Up! Don’t let injuries leave you beached!

The weather has warmed, and the beach is calling your name! We bet you’ve already dusted off your surfboard, and have been carving the waves up.

As a surfer, the contact between your feet and the board is essential for you to be able to ride the wave. Unfortunately, foot and ankle injuries are one of the most common surfing injuries. These injuries can include ligament sprains, muscle strains and sometimes even small fractures in the foot. If left untreated, it can lead to reduced balance, poor ankle mobility and reduced strength. All of which makes it much harder for you to get back on the board.

If you have had an ankle injury or you just feel that your lack of ankle mobility is limiting your performance on the board, you need a physiotherapy assessment today.

Come and see us at Ormond Physiotherapy for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan specific to your needs. Our team of skilled therapists at Ormond Physiotherapy will be able to rehabilitate your ankle and foot accordingly and get you back on your board  before summers out!

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