Shoulder Impingement

Do you have shoulder pain? Well it could be an impingement!

There are a number of different conditions which can cause shoulder pain, but today we will cover shoulder impingement. 

What is shoulder impingement?
Your rotator cuff muscles, which stabilise the shoulder, have tendons that run through a narrow space at the top of your shoulder called the subacromial space. When you lift your arm, these tendons can get “pinched” on the bone that is at the top of this space, known as the acromion.

What can cause shoulder impingement? 
Impingement can occur when:

  • the rotator cuff tendons thicken due to injury, degeneration or overuse of the shoulder, from sports such as swimming and tennis


  • the fluid filled sac (bursa) that lies between your rotator cuff tendon and the acromion gets irritated.

Shoulder impingement can start suddenly or build gradually. It can last anywhere from several weeks to several months and requires specific treatment and rehabilitation to help alleviate symptoms.

What are the symptoms of shoulder impingement?

  • Pain at the front or side of your shoulder.
  • Pain when reaching for something up high or down low.
  • Pain when reaching for your seat belt or placing your hand behind your back.
  • Pain or weakness when you lift something.
  • Pain when lying on your sore shoulder.

How can I help the pain?
Come for an assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy! At Ormond Physiotherapy our skilled therapists have multiple clinical tests to check your shoulder. We can then provide you with the most appropriate treatment and kick-start your rehabilitation right here at Ormond Physiotherapy.

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