Teenage Posture

Teenagers are generally serial offenders when it comes to poor posture! 

“Sit up straight!” is a phrase most teenagers hear on the daily. 

Body awareness, self esteem, obesity, increased device usage and heavy backpacks can all lead to poor posture.

In addition to standing poorly, a large proportion of adolescents sit with poor posture.

Sitting with poor posture can result in back pain, joint dysfunction, rounded shoulders, headaches and muscle weakness.

An optimal posture while your child is sitting should have their spine in a ‘neutral’ position; a position where their spine maintains its natural curves, their feet should rest flat on the floor, hips and knees should be at a 90 degree angle and their head should sit above their shoulders without their chin protruding forward or head too close to the table in front of them.


At home, your child can minimise the effects of sitting by having regular breaks and setting up an optimal work station. Using laptops or tablets should only be for short periods unless the screen is raised to an ideal height and they are using a separate keyboard.

If you’re concerned about your child’s sitting posture they should be assessed by a physiotherapist. Treatment may include education regarding optimal sitting posture and stretching and strengthening different muscles groups.

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