Resistance Training!

We all know that exercise has multiple health benefits, not only physically but can have a great effect on other avenues within our lives such as mentally, socially and emotionally. There are also many different kinds of exercise, however today we will focus on resistance training.

What is it?
Resistance training is any exercise where a muscle is contracted to overcome an opposing force.
Examples include a number of different forms of exercise: TheraBand’s, free weights, kettle bells, bar bells, body weight exercise, suspension training, gym machines and the list goes on.

What are the benefits?
Resistance training may help the following;

  • Increased joint function
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased muscle strength, size and tolerance
  • Increased tendon and ligament strength
  • Increased cardiovascular capacity
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Prevention of injury

How Can I do Resistance Training?
There a number of ways to approach resistance training. If you have any experience with it you will be aware that, if you lift the same weight the same amount of repetitions over a few weeks, the body will adapt, get stronger and the weight will feel easy to lift. This is referred to as a training plateau. We need to make sure that we continually test the body and make it more challenging for the muscle or muscles, this is referred to as progressive overload. Progressive overload can be achieved by changing various components of training such as weight, repetitions, sets, rest periods, exercise variety, recovery and/or type of muscle contraction.

Where to start can seem like a guessing game let alone making it as efficient as possible. If you are struggling to begin your resistance journey, exercise selection, exercise application or maybe struggling with lifting yourself out of that training plateau. Come into Ormond Physiotherapy today to stream line your training program and maximise your resistance training.

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