Mother’s Day

Life doesn’t come with a manual – it comes with a Mum!

Mums are our encyclopedia’s, for not just in our younger years, but also our older ones. Even when we are all grown up and have moved out, it is still always good to check in with Mum to see how long chicken can stay in the fridge before you get food poisoning.

Mums are the thread of life; they hold everything together. They deserve to be cherished 365 days a year. But on the second Sunday in May, we get the chance to make an extra special effort to show our Mums just how much we love and appreciate all they are and do.

Mums, in our opinion, are the perfect person for any job. Why you ask? Well, a Mum is a particular type of person. She is a chameleon of an extraordinary variety – a jack of all trades.

When her young is about to walk out onto the road, she transforms into an Olympic runner. When her young is hungry and won’t eat anything yellow or green, she becomes a Master Chef contestant, determined to win the grand prize. When she is in traffic, and her kids are yelling and fighting in the back, she can block out all that distraction to focus on the task at hand. She has a high threshold for tolerating annoying people asking the same question over and over again, day in day out. She has a 6th sense for pre-empting any problems before they arise and already has a solution ready and waiting. 

So, even though she is a fantastic candidate for many jobs, she already has the perfect job, as your Mum! 

A big ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to all the fabulous mums and mother figures (grandma’s, aunts, dog mums) out there!

Article by Emma Fitts – Administration Team