Benefits of Foam Rolling

You have probably seen or heard about foam rollers at some point in time, but what is their purpose?
If you don’t know what a foam roller is, it is a self-massaging tool that comes in all shapes and sizes but is typically a foam cylinder. 

The main benefit of a foam roller, it to release fascial tightness. Fascia covers the entire body and is thought to be connective tissue, keeping internal structures like muscle, organs, blood vessels and nerve fibres in place. Fascia becomes tight through the different stresses that we place on the body. It adapts to repetitive movements or positions.

When we look within the literature, it becomes evident that foam rolling can be a beneficial tool to help improve joint range of movement without having detriment on muscle function in the short term. Having a sufficient range of motion gives the body an improved work surface and increases a joint’s capability to access the surrounding muscle tissue; this, in turn, correlates to better muscle usage, therefore the potential for better performance. Better performance could mean running faster, completing chores around the house easier, walking more freely, and bending down to pick up your loved ones easier.

Evidence also shows us that foam rolling, both pre and post-exercise, has excellent benefits. Foam rolling before exercise or activity displayed a short improvement in sprinting. Post-exercise foam rolling showed improved recovery rates concerning speed and strength.

As well as a self-massage tool, a foam roller can also be a helpful mobility and strength tool. The versatility and ease of using a foam roller make foam rollers the perfect sidekick for everyone. 

If you would like to learn more about the foam roller’s effective uses or would like a foam rolling program, speak to your experienced therapist at your next appointment.

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Article written by Taidgh Stodart – Physiotherapist