Osteitis Pubis (Groin Pain)

As the footy season gets underway here at Ormond Physiotherapy we get ready for the influx of footy injuries that accompany it.

Common AFL injuries include hamstring strains, shoulder injuries, knee ligament and menisci injuries, groin strains, ankle sprains…. the list is endless.

One injury that is becoming increasingly common in AFL and presenting to Ormond Physiotherapy is groin pain, more specifically Osteitis Pubis.

Osteitis Pubis is described as a non-infectious inflammation of the pubis synthesis (the joint at the front of the pelvis). The presentation at Ormond Physiotherapy of this condition is lower abdominal, pelvic or groin pain, dull ache in nature that can become sharp/stabbing with activities such as running, kicking or changing direction.

Although, sometimes there is not always a known cause, there are 3 common causes of Osteitis Pubis. These include;
Overloading due to a sudden increase in intensity or duration of exercises or a return to exercise after a long rest period (off season). Biomechanical issues, such as poor foot, body, running or walking mechanics, this can contribute to muscle imbalance in the groin and buttock region. And finally, leg length differences can also play a factor in the development of Osteitis Pubis.

It is important to remember that it is not only the AFL players that are at risk of developing Osteitis Pubis. It can also develop from running, soccer, tennis, pregnancy, trauma or even gynaecology or urology surgery.

Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we aim to diagnose, identify causes and develop a treatment plan to rehabilitate you back to play.

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