Pillow Talk

Do you sleep well? If you answered no, it could be your pillow!

There are a myriad of factors which can lead to you getting a good nights sleep. A very important factor is a comfortable, well supportive contoured pillow.

A contoured pillow will support your head and neck adequately, align your spine properly with your mattress and create a favourable joint and muscular environment. Contoured pillows may also reduce your incidences of neck pain, frequency of headaches and general spinal tightness.

At Ormond Physiotherapy we specialise in the assessment and treatment of neck pain, headaches, head and upper limb pain. Your therapist will perform a detailed assessment of your spinal posture and perform a thorough pillow assessment to determine the best height, position and width of a contoured pillow.

Ormond Physiotherapy stocks lines from the Australian owned & made Therapeutic Pillow range. 

Complete Sleeprrr
The Complete Sleeprrr is a luxurious cervical neck support pillow featuring removable foam inserts, giving 12 different adjustment options so you can create the perfect pillow to suit your comfort needs. The Complete Sleeprrr comes in 2 different densities – soft & original.

Naturelle Pillow
The Naturelle Pillow is designed for all sleeping positions and physiques. The all-natural, high-quality Naturelle latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night. The Naturelle Pillow comes in 3 heights – Low, Medium & High.

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Article by Craig Dungey– Director & Physiotherapist