Warming Up in Winter

Do you continue to get aches and pains after training? Straining muscles too often?

We are now well into July here at Ormond Physiotherapy and winter codes are well under way with cold nights diminishing motivation. As a result it becomes essential to spend extra time before and after training sessions warming up and cooling down.

Knee injuries are specifically common within soccer players. These knee injuries are significantly reduced with an effective warm up program at Ormond Physiotherapy. The FIFA 11+ program is an example of an extensive warm up program and has been found to reduce the incidence of knee injuries by up to 39% in males and  52% in females.

Part One is running exercises.

Part Two involves plyometric, strength and balance exercises with possibilities for progression.

The final part is further running exercises.

The FIFA 11+ plus program is an extensive warm up regime specific to soccer, but these components (listed above) can be altered to be sports specific for any sport at Ormond Physiotherapy.

Do you want to perform better in your training sessions or games? Do you want to reduce the risk of injury and prevent further recurrences of old injuries?

Then come into Ormond Physiotherapy today for a consultation and organise a personalized sports specific assessment and subsequent program development.

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Article by Taidgh Stodart – Physiotherapist