At Ormond Physiotherapy treating tennis injuries is part of our injury program. Tennis is a high intensity game requiring flexibility, endurance and strength with repetitive bursts of power. Injuries are common for both beginners and experts seen both at Ormond Physiotherapy. The physios at Ormond Physiotherapy can treat your injuries and help prevent occurring injuries such as tennis elbow tendonitis, shoulder rotator cuff injuries, lower back pain and ankle sprains. Getting to Ormond Physiotherapy quickly post injury is very important for the recovery of the injury. At Ormond Physiotherapy we can get you to the next level of your tennis by improving your core stability, power generation and efficient movement around the court. A specific pilates program designed at Ormond Physiotherapy can help you greatly and prevent the development of new injuries.

So get on the court and experience the fun of playing tennis, reach your peak and give your body and game a boost at Ormond Physiotherapy.