Sore shins? – Shin splints explained at Ormond Physiotherapy

Shin splints refers to pain at the shin or at the lower part of your leg. It can affect each shin individually or both at the same time. Lots of running and repeated weight bearing through the legs experienced in sports such as basketball, football, netball and running can all result in painful shins. Symptoms include:

  • A dull and achy pain in the lower leg after exercise
  • An intense or sharp pain in the lower leg during exercise, causing you to stop

Sound familiar? Come see us at Ormond Physiotherapy. Foot position, tight and/ or weaker lower leg muscles, as well as poor hip control, can all contribute to shin splints. At Ormond Physiotherapy, our experienced Physiotherapists will be able to assess, treat and appropriately rehabilitate your individual needs. We also work alongside our skilled Remedial Massage therapists at Ormond Physiotherapy, who can alleviate muscle tension that is contributing to your pain.

If you are experiencing painful shins, you need a physiotherapy assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy.

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Article by Joanne Mulford – Physiotherapist