Snow Sports Season is finally here!


Winter has arrived along with the much anticipated opening of the snow fields. At this time of year in Ormond Physiotherapy , we see a lot of snow sports related injuries to the back, shoulders, knees and wrists which often render our clients` trip to the mountain short! Poor pre-season training preparation, reduced fitness, reduced strength of the core muscles and poor technique are the most common culprits for injury at Ormond Physiotherapy.


Here at Ormond Physiotherapy,  our physiotherapists recognise that injury prevention is key to best avoid any niggles and even more serious injuries while on the mountain. To achieve this, Ormond Physiotherapy are on hand to prepare you for the season with reformer classes and personal training classes which are perfect for functional strengthening of your core muscles. This will certainly enhance your balance on those steep slopes and weaves.


If you do get injured, come to see us at Ormond Physiotherapy where we aim to “get you better quicker” so you can “stay better longer”. We will work towards your specific rehabilitation goals through the use of hands on therapy, exercise, advice and rehabilitative exercise and pilates.