Now that the snow is settling on the slopes, we at Ormond Physiotherapy notice an increase in snow sporting related injuries particularly with the knee and shoulder joints.
Knee injuries account for 30-40% of all ski injuries. The body position, speed and changes of direction involved in skiing make the knee vulnerable to injury. At Ormond Physiotherapy we will diagnose your injury quickly so that we can get you on the right path to recovery with manual therapy, taping and most importantly maintain your knee health through strengthening and stretching in our pilates and personal training programmes.
In addition to knee injuries at Ormond Physiotherapy, it is not uncommon for Ormond Physiotherapy staff to meet clients who have damaged their shoulders during snow sports as result of falling on outstretched hands. This can cause very painful rotator cuff sprains, dislocations, tendonopathies and impingements. The Ormond Physiotherapists see how these injuries impact not only on clients` ability to play in the snow, but also engage in their usual daily activities. At Ormond Physiotherapy we will unravel your shoulder symptoms to achieve a diagnosis and then using our hands on skills and expertise in exercise rehab, get you back on the road to recovery in no time to ensure that you make a sustainable return to healthy shoulder function.