Pilates is extremely beneficial in each trimester of pregnancy.Pregnancy Pilates Ormond

During pregnancy, your body releases a hormone ‘relaxin’, resulting in the loosening of ligaments around the pelvis and back. Furthermore, your abdominal muscles are stretched in order to make room for the growing baby. All this means there is a lack of support of the back and pelvis (including the pelvic floor muscles) making you more vulnerable to injury.

Clinical Pilates during pregnancy aims to strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. It involves a series of gentle, controlled movements on a mat, ball and/ or reformer machine.

As Clinical Pilates is very adaptable, these exercise can be performed in appropriate positions for each trimester of pregnancy.

Doing Clinical Pilates while pregnant will also mean a stronger post natal body and lower chances of persisting problems in the back and pelvis once the baby is out.

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