Ormond Physiotherapy Shoulder Injuries

credit: photo via Computer Posture UK

There are many different forms of shoulder injuries; from a Rotator Cuff injury or a Labral Tear, to a severe case of ‘Frozen Shoulder’ or Ligament rupture. Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we have a number of highly knowledgeable Physiotherapists that can help to assess, treat and rehabilitate all types of shoulder injuries.

So whether you have had a fall at the snow, lifted a heavy suitcase, or pulled up sore after being tackled at footy, come in to see one of our friendly staff at Ormond Physiotherapy today to get an assessment and structured treatment plan.

At Ormond Physiotherapy we also have skilled Massage Therapists who can help to release any compensatory muscle tightness, or just general shoulder tension. Our experienced Pilates Instructors can also help get you back to what you love doing through mobility and strength exercises for all aspects of the shoulder joint and surrounding areas.

If you have sustained a shoulder injury, you will need a shoulder assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy.

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Article by Teagan Parker – Remedial Massage Therapist