Ormond Physiotherapy Cricket :


With Summer`s arrival, cricket takes centre stage in sporting households. It is important to be mindful that this sport can expose players to a high risk of injury and overuse. On average, 9% of cricketers are injured at any one time, with 15% fast bowlers injured at any one time. Low back pain is particularly common amongst Bowlers due to the excessive repetitive nature of this specific throwing action. Bowling for long periods of time can place excessive stress on the lower back tissue, sometimes leading to stress fractures, facet joint pain and disc injuries.


At Ormond Physiotherapy, we can assess your lower back pain and provide you with a diagnosis quickly to then establish the correct treatment plan and ensure you return to play safely and sustainably. Successful treatment at Ormond Physiotherapy often relates to improving core control with pilates training; normalising muscle length through stretching and massage; strengthing; improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness.


Other areas which are commonly injured during cricket are hamstrings, groins and shoulders. Don`t let these spoil your enjoyment of cricket this summer. Make an appointment with the experts at Ormond Physiotherapy to get you back on the field.