Lateral hip pain and gluteal tendinopathy/bursitis at ORMOND PHYSIOTHERAPY :

Lateral hip pain (otherwise known as Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome at Ormond Physiotherapy) is most common in active women aged 40-60. It often develops due to a sudden increase in activity e.g. a walking holiday or running, or trauma to local muscles e.g. from a fall or surgery

The pain results due to an overload of the gluteal tendons also known as gluteal tendinopathy. Many people are diagnosed with bursitis which is an inflammation of the bursae located around the greater trochanter. A corticosteroid injection may help to temporary relieve the bursitis, however it doesn’t fix the primary cause which is gluteal muscle weakness.

Physiotherapists at Ormond physiotherapy can accurately diagnose your hip pain and develop a treatment plan for your injury. Adequate follow up at Ormond Physiotherapy is vital for long term success. Management may include massage, dry needling, hip strengthening, orthotics, pilates and personal training.

Handy Hints:

  • Avoid crossing your legs, sitting in low chairs, lying on your sore side and carrying babies on your hip.
  • When starting a new exercise program, increase your work load slowly.

Strengthen your gluteal muscles with a program from Ormond Physiotherapy