Hydrotherapy At Ormond Physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the many services available at Ormond Physiotherapy.
Hydrotherapy is exercise in a heated pool (~34 degrees) guided by a physiotherapist.
There are many benefits of hydrotherapy at Ormond Physiotherapy.

The warmth of the water promotes muscle relaxation and the buoyancy means decreased body weight therefore allowing exercises to be performed much more comfortably. A program at Ormond Physiotherapy ┬áis specifically tailored to an individual’s goals and needs.

Ormond Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy :
Many conditions are sensitive or intolerant to land based or weight bearing exercise programs hence will be suited for hydrotherapy for their exercise rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is especially useful for patients post surgery (particularly hip and knee replacements), rheumatic conditions and arthritic joints.
If you feel you may benefit from a hydrotherapy program book in for a hydrotherapy assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy.