Hamstring Injuries In Cricket

hamstringWith the cricket season up and running at Ormond Cricket Club the need for the right preparation and warm up becomes very important for all players. Having a well prepared and tailored stretching and strength program can help keep soft tissue injuries at a minimum such as the old favourite hamstring strain.

Hamstring Strains can occur from tight muscle groups, fatigued muscles, a tight lower back nerve complex and a quick acceleration such as a quick single running between the wickets.

At Ormond Physiotherapy we can assist in the prevention of such injuries with a screening assessment to identify risk factors, help in the treatment of such injuries and in the recovery and rehabilitation to return to cricket as quickly as possible. The key to the treatment of hamstring injuries is the quick assessment by Ormond Physiotherapy and the immediate start of an appropriate hamstring treatment plan to rehabilitate the muscle tissue. Treatment can include ice, stretching , strengthening, postural control, massage and specific return to cricket exercises.

This will enable the quick return to the team and the least amount of games lost as possible with the least chance of a recurrent strain.