Growing Pains

With winter comes some of our favourite sports like soccer, netball and footy. Unfortunately, it’s at this time of year we see an increasing number of kids with growing pains.

Growing pains generally affect 9-14 year olds and are due to periods of growth where the bone is growing faster than the muscle. Growing pains that are commonly seen are:

  • Osgood-Schlatters disease – pain felt below the knee cap (tibial tuberosity) due to the quadriceps muscle pulling on its attachment
  • Severs Disease – pain at the heel due to the achilles tendon pulling on where it attaches to the bone

Early treatment intervention at Ormond Physiotherapy is important in decreasing pain, speeding up the recovery process and ensuring your child is performing the right exercises to best deal with their injury.

Typical treatment strategies at Ormond Physiotherapy which can help get you back on the field and court quickly, include massage of surrounding muscles, stretching of affected soft tissue areas, taping and a comprehensive tailored strength program.

In some cases orthotic intervention may be appropriate using Ormond Physiotherapy’s orthotic gait scan to offload the affected growth plate areas.

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Article by Kylie Fayyad – Physiotherapist