Looking at the AFL injury update it is clear to see that the season is well underway with a variety of injuries taking players out of the game. Injuries to the head, back, shoulder, groin, knee, ankle to name just a few. Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we are seeing many of these injuries coming through our door with players desperate to get back on the field.

One of the most common injuries that we see at present in AFL as well as here at Ormond Physiotherapy is hamstring injury.  These type of injuries arise for various reasons such as trauma, overload, foot biomechanics, poor technique, insufficient warm-up and inadequate pre-season training.  Hamstring injuries can occur during sprinting (type I) or excessive stretching into hip flexion (type II), both of which occur in AFL.

Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we will assess your injury, diagnose and formulate a treatment plan to get you back on the field, or doing your previous activities.  Hamstring strains and tears come in varying degrees and therefore vary in recovery time. Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we aim for you to “Get better quicker” and “stay better longer”. Our combination of hands on treatment, advice, gait scan, exercise prescription and Pilates will help us to do this.

Ormond Physiotherapy have footy specific Pilates as well as general Pilates to suit the needs of all individuals be it for returning to sport, injury prevention or general strength and flexibility. Our personal training service can also help get you into shape, working towards your individual goals.