Did you know that disc herniations or disc prolapses usually resolve over time?

Disc herniations are actually overuse injuries that usually occur due to repetitively bending over and/or sitting in a poor posture for extended periods of time. Sometimes the disc can also be overloaded by a sudden trauma to the back.

Often pain is then felt suddenly during a single and often trivial loading event (“the straw that breaks the camel’s back” – just remember that your back is not broken!)

Pain is often severe initially and may be referred into one of the legs. This is because the protruding disc can squash the nerves as they exit the spinal column and your brain interprets this as leg pain. Other symptoms can include numbness, pins and needles and weakness in the legs. Such symptoms will be identified on assessment at Ormond Physiotherapy.

At Ormond Physiotherapy we can provide thorough assessments and treatments in order to CENTRALISE the pain from the leg back into the back and then resolve it. In order for a disc injury to heal quickly you need to be moving in the correct way to promote the disc to be reabsorbed into its usual position.

Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we can also provide postural advice and strengthening in order to get you back on track quickly.

Article by Ashlee Webb – Physiotherapist