Despite the winter weather kicking in, here at Ormond Physiotherapy we are still seeing loads of keen cyclists both out on the roads of Melbourne and in our clinic. Whether you’re aiming to improve your fitness for weekend rides, feel more comfortable on the bike or even find that competitive racing edge, pilates could help your cycling.


The aim of pilates at Ormond Physiotherapy is to balance the body through optimising your core stability, flexibility and strength. For cycling, we would focus primarily on your pelvic and lumbar stability in order to help control the muscles around your lower back and hips. This is important in prevention of common cycling related injuries such as lower back and knee pain.


Core stability and flexibility are also key elements to efficient and comfortable movement on the bike. It is integral to all types of cycling from climbing and descending to explosive sprint efforts. At Ormond Physiotherapy we look at your body’s mechanics as a whole to determine the cause of any injuries that you may have, designing a specific core strength program to tailor your needs and goals.


Article by Andrew Whitehall – Physiotherapist

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