‘Cricket Season’ is well and truly under way, and it is important to make sure our bodies are holding up injury-free going into the Christmas break.

It is really important to include both preparation  & recovery into your cricket routine, to maximise injury prevention.


Here at Ormond Physiotherapy, we can help you to construct personalised injury prevention strategies, as well as getting you back on the field as quick as possible if you do sustain an injury.


The most common cricket injuries we treat at Ormond Physiotherapy are:

  • Lower Back Injuries (keeping/bowling)
  • Shoulder Injuries (throwing/bowling)
  • Hamstring/Quad Strain (running)
  • Ankle Injuries (bowling)
  • Elbow Injuries (throwing)

The Ormond Physiotherapy Pilates program can also help with core strength & flexibility, helping to prevent injury as well as aid recovery.


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Article by Teagan Parker – Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist