Help For Sport Injuries – Ormond, Bentleigh & Mckinnon

At Ormond Physiotherapy we are experts in the assessment, treatment and management of all sports injuries.

Our physiotherapists keep up to date with modern treatment techniques, taping techniques and have sporting club affiliations with football, soccer, netball, tennis and fitness/gym training.

Some of the key sporting injuries that we treat at Ormond Physiotherapy include:

•    Muscle tears e.g. hamstring, calf, groin
•    AC Joint Sprains
•    Ligament injuries including ACL knee tears, sprained ankles, elbow sprains
•    Shoulder dislocations
•    Spinal injuries including disc bulges, nerve pain, sciatica
•    Contusions (i.e. corkies) e.g. quad, calf, knee
•    Footwear advice and orthotics

Sports Injury BentleighImmediate assessment and treatment of sporting injuries is vital to get you back playing your sport with limited time off the field or court.

At Ormond Physiotherapy we will develop a specific treatment plan for your injury, give you a timeframe for return to sport and liaise with your coach to make sure you are training at the right time and frequency for your condition.

Call us for all your sports injury needs on 9578 6588