Ankle Injuries at Ormond Physiotherapy

The most common ankle complaint we see at Ormond Physiotherapy is a lateral ligament injury, the result of a “rolled” ankle, that we’ve all experienced at one time or another.

The outside of ankle has 3 separate ligaments. These three ligaments are there to hold the ankle joint together and provide stability. When we roll over on an ankle, these ligaments get stretched. The specifics of the injury vary from case to case, but range from an simple overstretching to a complete tearing of any one (or two, or three) of these ligaments and even a fracture of the bone that they attach to.

If you, or anyone you know, has an injury like this it is important that is treated effectively and efficiently. Icing and elevation immediately after the injury will minimize the swelling and bruising that occurs.

Any damage to these ligaments reduces the stability of the ankle joint. Therefore, a prompt diagnosis and thorough rehabilitation program are crucial to minimizing the likelihood of sustaining the same injury over and over again.

The team at Ormond Physiotherapy can take you all the way from the initial diagnosis, through your rehabilitation, and back to your chosen sport.