607, 2017

Cycling & Pilates

Despite the winter weather kicking in, here at Ormond Physiotherapy we are still seeing loads of keen cyclists both out on the roads of Melbourne and in our clinic. Whether you’re aiming to improve your fitness for weekend rides, feel more comfortable on the bike or even find that competitive racing edge, pilates could help […]

206, 2017

Back Pain

With winter comes back pain, why? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Here at Ormond Physiotherapy, many of our clients have come in over the past few weeks complaining of lower back pain. For a majority of these patients they have felt pain that they have never felt before, but for some it is a reoccurring […]

1702, 2017

March Pilates Challenge

March Pilates Challenge and Competition
Challenge yourself in March – how many pilates sessions can you do in 31 days?

Pay only $110 for the month of March and do up to 4 group pilates sessions per week PLUS you go into the draw to win a free Pilates 10 Pack (valued at $370).

Call 9578 6588 to […]

1612, 2016

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries at Ormond Physiotherapy

The most common ankle complaint we see at Ormond Physiotherapy is a lateral ligament injury, the result of a “rolled” ankle, that we’ve all experienced at one time or another.

The outside of ankle has 3 separate ligaments. These three ligaments are there to hold the ankle joint together and provide stability. […]

811, 2016

Ormond Cricket Injuries

Ormond Physiotherapy Cricket :


With Summer`s arrival, cricket takes centre stage in sporting households. It is important to be mindful that this sport can expose players to a high risk of injury and overuse. On average, 9% of cricketers are injured at any one time, with 15% fast bowlers injured at any one time. Low back […]

1008, 2016

Tendon Injuries

A few of us might be inspired by the Olympics to increase our training, however be mindful with doing this as you could put yourself at risk of developing a tendonopathy if you increase your training too quickly.


Lower limb tendonopathies are common place here at Ormond Physiotherapy and occur due to suddenly overloading the tendons which surround a […]

2907, 2016



Now that the snow is settling on the slopes, we at Ormond Physiotherapy notice an increase in snow sporting related injuries particularly with the knee and shoulder joints.
Knee injuries account for 30-40% of all ski injuries. The body position, speed and changes of direction involved in skiing make the knee vulnerable to injury. At […]

2806, 2016

Ski Training

Snow Sports Season is finally here!


Winter has arrived along with the much anticipated opening of the snow fields. At this time of year in Ormond Physiotherapy , we see a lot of snow sports related injuries to the back, shoulders, knees and wrists which often render our clients` trip to the mountain short! Poor pre-season training preparation, reduced fitness, reduced strength of […]

1406, 2016


Looking at the AFL injury update it is clear to see that the season is well underway with a variety of injuries taking players out of the game. Injuries to the head, back, shoulder, groin, knee, ankle to name just a few. Here at Ormond Physiotherapy we are seeing many of these injuries coming through […]

202, 2016

Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a high intensity game requiring flexibility, endurance and repetitive bursts of power. Injury is commonly seen in both beginners and experienced plays due to the high intensity demands placed on the body. It is essential that players manage their injuries early to prevent the development of significant problems. The physiotherapist’s at Ormond Physiotherapy […]